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First Prize, Open Competition: Colin See-Paynton

29 - Six March Hares - Colin See-Paynton

Everything begins with a drawing. It is perhaps the purest and truest expression of our love of the world, purer even than the written or spoken word.

When we draw we pay homage, revering our subject in the most intimate way, gaining understanding and the fullest appreciation of its wonders. Yet even as young children it is what we are able to do most naturally, without affectation and with joy. Drawing has informed and founded our civilisation.

Student Prize: George Bolwell

49 - Plan For A Bath House - George Bolwell

I have studied Art at Camberwell College and Architecture at The Bartlett. Currently working as an architectural designer, I continue to draw wherever I can.

My work studies irrationality, both in the human condition and the natural world.

The drawing ‘Plan for a Bath House’ is taken from a series of fictional building plans. The image is a representation of an architectural environment in which bodies, undergrowth and the parts that make up a bathhouse are melded together.

Intended to trigger the human, and sometimes subconscious, interpretations of an existing image the drawing is the result of a process that takes visual cues from a collaged base layer. Part chance part judgement, the work is intended as a record of growth and process rather than a polished, preconceived (or even finished) outcome.




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