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A permanent tribute to one of the greatest wildlife artists of the twentieth century, Charle F. Tunnicliffe.

Charles Tunnicliffe had his studio at Malltraeth on the Cefni estuary on Anglesey, where he worked for 35 years.

Although famous for his paintings that record Anglesey’s abundant wildlife, Tunnicliffe also painted landscapes and studies of local people.

gold pheasantgold pheasant







Charles Tunnicliffe – The Commercial Artist
Charles Tunnicliffe – The Commercial Artist

23.02.19 – 01.09.19
Charles Tunnicliffe – The Commercial Artist

Following the success of Henry Williamson’s illustrated version of Tarka The Otter in 1932, there was much demand in Charles Tunnicliffe’s artwork. Several well-known companies, including the Shell Oil Company, Bibby’s, ICI and Brooke Bond used his work for advertising and marketing purposes.

The Commercial Artist showcases the artist’s role as a creator of timeless and evocative images, and presents original artwork from both public and private collections.

The Etchings and Engravings of Charles F Tunnicliffe
The Etchings and Engravings of Charles F Tunnicliffe

07.09.19 – 23.02.20
Charles Tunnicliffe and The Royal Academy of Arts

Charles Tunnicliffe’s etchings and wood engravings were first shown at London’s Royal Academy of Arts in 1928. In 1944 he became an associate member and in 1954 was elected a full member, submitting six paintings annually to the Summer Exhibition. He was held in such high regard that in 1974, with the help of fellow Royal Academician Kyffin Williams, his phenomenal output as an artist was celebrated in a special Royal Academy member’s exhibition.

This exhibition highlights some of his great Royal Academy works, and examines the artist’s relationship with one of the world’s leading art institutions.

The Etchings and Engravings of Charles F Tunnicliffe

08.09.18 – 17.02.19
In Black and White
The Etchings and Engravings of Charles F Tunnicliffe

As a student at London’s Royal College of Art, Charles Tunnicliffe was taught the art of wood engraving and etching. Following graduation, he stayed on in London to further develop his skills as a printmaker. This exhibition presents examples of his wood engravings and etchings, showing fine art prints alongside works intended for publication and commercial purposes.





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