Rhodri Owen – To the Quick

10.11.18 – 06.01.19
Rhodri Owen – To the Quick

A new exhibition, by the artist and maker Rhodri Owen who contrasts his own hand-crafted furniture with transfigured pieces in visually unexpected ways.
“New-born” furniture pieces creatively transformed by groups across Wales explore how life experiences, joys, tribulations, heritage and environment mark us all.
Group hands-on sessions were led by Manon Awst, Christine Mills, Bill Swann, Rebecca F. Hardy, Catrin Williams, Pip Woolf and Kirstin Claxton.
Marked, coloured, gouged or disjointed – the juxtaposition of these pieces with the simplicity of the unmarked furniture will intrigue and challenge.
I’r Byw is touring Wales in 2018.


12.01.19 – 23.06.19
Discoveries in Anglesey Archaeology

Anglesey is an ancient land with evidence of human occupation dating back around 10,000 years. This exhibition will lead you on a trail through Anglesey’s fascinating past, exploring exciting archaeological discoveries and revealing the secrets from a number of newly excavated locations.

pen 29.06.19 – 05.01.20
The U-boat project 1914-18 is using the latest underwater imaging techniques to reveal wrecks from the Great War and support communities to seek out previously untold stories about their ancestors’ experiences.  In this exhibition some of those community stories will be displayed alongside the results of underwater exploration.




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